Perl 5.10.0 Released

Today is a glorious day for perl developers everywhere. After 5 long years of development perl 5.10.0 has been released and updating to all the CPAN mirrors. The official notification can be found here: http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/perl5-porters/2007-12/msg00414.htm  Happy Hacking!!!!!

New Idea Monday

New Idea Monday #11 Perforated Dryer Sheets

While this is not a profound idea I think it is one that P&G could use to make a their dryer sheets stand out.  Divide a dryer sheet exactly in half with perforation such that you can use half the sheet.  Why use a whole sheet for a small load when half a sheet would…

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How To Convert Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizes?

In college I used to work in the shoe department a Kohl’s department store. I learned a handy little trick there that you women can use when buying shoes. If you like a style of shoe that is only offered in Mens then you can subtract 2 sizes from your shoe size and find that…


Yahoo Shortcuts

I wanted to try out the Yahoo! Shortcut app for WordPress. It is really a neat little plug in. As you type your post a widget or slug on the side of the editing window shows you how may items it finds that relate to your post. It is really a clever idea and should…

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Wrting Reports May Actually be Fun Now

For as long as I have been writing software professionally there has always been a need to create reports. I have always found this be be boring but a necessary evil. The basic idea is to query a database munge the data and display it. The hardest part was showing the data to people in…


Block Buster Total Access

Ever since my local Hollywood Video store closed it’s doors I have been in search for a new place to rent my DVDs. At first I started to use the Redbox machine that was located in my local Jewel-Osco, however this got to be very inconvenient, since the movies are due back the next day,…