Making Money Experiment #1 Selling a Nintendo Wii on eBay

This week I had an opportunity to purchase a Nintendo Wii. Since I am not a big game player I knew that if I bought the console I would be able to sell this for more than I paid for it. The question is how much. The prices seem to be all over the place.  I have setup a 5 day auction to see how it goes. Once the auction is over I will update here to give a final report of my findings.  For now here is my Nintendo Wii that I have for up for auction.

Writing Reports still not fun

When the Google Charts API came out a couple of weeks ago I mention that I thought that writing reports would now be fun.  I had an opportunity to try out the api in a real world situation and it still isn’t fun. The problem is formating the data such that the chart api can accept it. The API has a limited range in which you can represent number. Depending on the representation you are limited to 100 or 4096. Therefore you have to take your raw numbers and devide them by 100 or by 4096 and then convert them to some whacky two character representation. Personally I think this is stupid.  Why can’t the api just know that a number like 206 means draw something that represents 206, or better yet it should figure out the range of the numbers and then figure out the scale by itself.  Besides these things the api works but it was annoying enough for me to just not put charts in the reports I wanted to generate, at least with the Google api.

Beaver Books made it’s first .47

I am happy to announce that we made our first little bit of money from Beaver Books.  There are now 60 users of the application and one of them bought a book for $47.00. While this isn’t really the results that I was looking for, ( I would rather it make a couple hundred dollars) it does confirm that Facebook can be used as a platform to make money. The hardest part now is trying to get more users. We have some other ideas for Beaver Books that we would like to implement but are crunched with time at our day jobs.

Google Ron Paul

On the way into work this morning, I noticed a hand painted sign on the side of the road that read “Google Ron Paul“. I think this is really interesting! This is interesting to me because the sign does not mention that he is running for president, nor does it mention that he is part of the Replublican party. It just tells people that the are number 1 in Google and to go look it up. It is a very interesting way to call people to action. So go Google Ron Paul

New Idea Monday #12 New Web Radio Listing Service

Some may say that internet radio is dead. I don’t think it is. I am constantly listening to we radio when I am at home working on my computer. Sure there are alternatives like and Pandora but I like opening a browser to Shoutcast and picking a station. Once xmms is playing I go about other things. Lately though I am tired of the shoutcast listing service. It feels out and outdated. It is one of those things that AOL has forgotten about. I think there is an opportunity for a new web stream listing service. There are still plenty of them out there that need help in being discovered. The new listing service should feel new and offer many ways for me to discover the stream.