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I have decided that it is time for me to get a video camera. Ever since I got my Mac Book Pro last year I have been wanting to give iMovie a try. It seems like a neat thing to play with. I am also sure that I could make some money putting up howto movies about topics that interest me. Anyone have any suggestions?

I am also thinking about getting a new digital camera. What I would like is something that wuld take action shots. I don’t need a whole lot of settings it just has to be fast. Anyone have suggestions for that?

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  • Smiley3112

    soo i was going to get a camera…but i just got a new iphone3g from and i think that the camera on the iphone works super well for me. i can load the pics onto the computer and then print out the ones i want. i love having everything right in my phone!

  • as for digital camera, not to blow your budget out, but check out DSLR Olympus E520 or E620 ($700 or less), or go up to E3/E30 ($1300/$1000), I have an E520 I got for my wife and she loves it – I am about to buy her a zoom lens – 70-300mm lens- for $299 to add on to the stock lens (14-42mm). on camcorder I am out of the times with an old sony 8mm that burns to mini dvds

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