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My name is Tom, Owner of Edison Avenue Consulting LLC and Co-Founder of TallyNinja. I want to help all businesses get mobile.

I started my career fresh out of college working on cellular data networks, and helped create the worlds first GPRS network, General Packet Radio System the precursor to today’s 4G LTE networks, for Motorola. I grew tired of not being able to develop the software for the end user, and looked for opportunities on the mobile phone. With the introduction of the iPhone and the modern “smart phone” revolution, I decided the time was right to start my own company. Since starting EAC we have helped many companies revamp their online and mobile presence to better serve the mobile user.


Programming Languages

  • PHP
  • Objective-C
  • Perl

Content Management Systems

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Custom Theme Creation
  • Theme Modification

Software Development Tools

  • X-Code
  • GIT
  • Linux
  • Apache

Curriculum Vitae


Jul 2009 - Present Elgin, IL

Edison Avenue Consulting


Owned and operating a boutique consulting firm specializing in mobile application development and mobile website development. In 2009 I recognized that our mobile phone will be the primary way in which people access the internet away from work.  I wanted to help business get ready for the new way customers will interact with their sites.

Key Customers and Projects:

Binny’s Beverage Depot: Developed and maintained the companies website including all eCommerce functionality.  Currently helping with the migration to the Magento eCommerce Platform.

ChiroWay Franchise:  Developed and maintain the ChiroWay Cloud. This Lavavel based custom appplication enables all franchisees to manage their ChiroWay location and see and treat members.

Master Card: Created and developed mobile application for reading and writing NFC tags.  This will be used in future mobile payment solutions from Master Card.

Zebra Technologies: Setup and maintain the Source Code Control environment for all Android powered mobile devices including the TC52, TC57, TC72, TC77 and TC25.

Other Companies Served:

Custom Applications: ArtVan Furniture, ChiroWay

Mobile Application Clients: Binny’s Beverage Depot, Cadence Health, ChiroWay, Einstein Healthcare Network, Master Card, My Habit Upgrade, Silver Cross Hospital, Thermos

Marketing Firm Co-operation: Demi & Cooper, Method Engine, Octance Rich Media

Web Design Clients:  Adaptive Testing Technologies, Anthony Insurance Services, Beyond the Limits Cleaning, Binny’s Beverage Depot, Bryant Miller Olive Lawfirm,  Byline Bank, Caring for Cambodia, ChiroWay, Collegiate Supply Co, Jarden, JerrDan,  Messenger Public Library, Novak Law Offices, Patton & Ryan Law Firm, Remee Wire and Cable, Silver Cross Hospital, Reveal, Shutts Lawfirm, SkyRise Construction, Tarle Speech, TPG Trade Show, TPN Retail, Waterfall Law Offices, Velocity Cases,

Web Maintenance Clients: Anthony Insurance Services, Caring for Cambodia, ChiroWay, Dance Studio Insurance, HH General Contractors, Hillcrest Property Management, Milescraft, MyHabitUpgrade, NAI Group, Novak Law Offices,  Ntrakwah Ghanaian Law, Octane Rich Media, Patton & Ryan, Remee, Quality Carpet Cleaning CO, RPS Engineering, SC International, Tarle Speech, TPG Tradeshow, Waterfall Attorneys


Amazon Web Services: Created hosting environments using AWS services including  EC2, Elastic Filesystems, RDS (databases), Load Balancers, Lambda functions and Route 53.

APIgility: Designed and devloped Zend  APIGility code to interface and display AS400 data with a new mobile applications to be used by sales associates.

Drupal: Designed Built and maintained websites built on the Drupal platform.

Laravel: Designed built and maintained custom applications built on the Laravel platform.

WordPress: Designed Built and maintained websites built on the WordPress platform. Created several custom plugins used for creating custom functionality not found in  WordPress.

Zend: Designed built and maintained custom applications built on the Zebd platform.


Click-A-Tel, Ebay Shopping API, Textpower,  Opt-It, PayPal, Authorize.net, Physicians Wellness Network, Google Base, Google Maps, Paysimple, Twillio, Stripe, Sendgrid, MailGun,  AWS Lambda Functions.

Checkout the rest of our work at Edison Avenue Consulting LLC

Aug 2014 - Present Elgin, IL

Tally Ninja


Co-Founder of TallyNinja. TallyNinja is a services that manufacturing companies can use to measure their production output. It also has the ability to help the manufacturer stay on top of equipment outages.  Built and constructed the Web based UI that customers will interact with as well as the iOS mobile app.

Jan 2010 - Present Chicago, IL

Tek Systems



Assisting with the migration of the Motorola Solutions Enterprise business to Zebra. In 2014 Zebra purchased the Enterprise business from Motorola Solutions. There are several large projects that are on going to bring computer assets and data into the Zebra lan. I have also been assisting development groups migrate to using GIT as their primary means of source control.


Engineered and administered a corporate wide GIT solution to meet the needs of exchanging code and collaborating with external software partners.
Migrated 15 Open source tools used for collaboration and software development from Motorola Mobility to Motorola Solutions. Tools include SourceForge, Lyceum, Status.net, Twiki,TinyUrl, Bugzilla and Scuttle.
Administered Gentoo linux servers setup in a highly available environment to support about 8k     employees.
Test integration with other business systems to ensure that apis and system worked when internal     separation happened.
Edited tools and websites as required to ensure that proper URLs were used.
Administered the various tools to ensure smooth daily operations.

Sep 2004 - Jan 2010

Sourcelight Technologies

Senior Software Engineer

Helped produce and release collaborative filtering technologies for clients including Hollywoodvideo.com and Comcast.net.
Prototyped and developed new products using Sourcelight Discovery Guide, the collaborative filtering engine including Java applications for Tivo and DHTML Javascript applications for a web based program guide.
Administered all companies production, staging and back end production systems. This includes Linux and windows based systems that run Apache, Sendmail, DNS, Postgresql, MySql, JBOSS, and internally developed applications running a combination of shell scripts, Python, Perl and C programs.
Supported new customer integration of the Discovery Engine into the customer’s websites. This included design and implementation of the proposed solution as well as ongoing support through the process.
Served as primary support for all issues pertaining to customer interfacing systems.

May 2006 - Sep 2009 Chicago, IL


Software Engineer

Designed and developed software applications for Where 2 Get It’s slippymap  (next generation mapping) technology. Technologies used include Perl, mod_perl, Linux, Postgresql, and Javascript.
Functioned as the primary system administrator until a full-time sysadmin was found.
Designed web crawling/api crawling software to gather product information for the online retailer (eCommerce) product. These were built using Perl Postgresql and shell scripts to match online retailer products to products provided by clients.


Aug 1993 - May 1997

Bowling Green State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Awesome Awards 2012

Best Concept




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